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New Salt Rock City Estate is the new normal.

Moving to the coast

25 January 2022

"Moving to an estate on  the North Coast has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. it`s the little things such as waking up and watching the sunrise over the estate, with the abunddant birdlife flying by as I enjoy my morning coffee that make me feel extremely Blessed to call this home"

" Ten years ago this little town was small and, as a community, we had to support each other to survive. Locals still support each other and there is still a climate of old-school values in a modern and progressive town that is growing up. We honour and respect those who have worked hard and invested in the area to make a living and grow a business " 

" There is a misconception that because we`re coastal, we`re chilled or relaxed, but people who have moved here bring the buzz with them and they are as driven and motivated as anyone, anywhere else"

" When it becomes to lifestyle nothing can be compared to what your family needs.  Quallity time over time stuck in traffic, familiar faces that greet you at the shops, and kindred spirits that support each other. Add in the beauty of the place and it makes it a very attractive place to live "

" It is also easy to get the work/ life balance right in our area. Slotting in a surf, run or go the a gym session before or after work is simple, because work and home are close to each other "

NSR City News

Dolphin Ridge Estate

24 November 2021

Situated in the beautiful Coastal Forest Estate, New Salt Rock City is a gated Estate that is set to inspire sustainable living on the North Coast.

Facilities and Attractions

Things to do in and around New Salt Rock City

15 February 2018

You can be sure that this town will tick all of the boxes for the ideal location to live.