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Modern residential homes and apartments.

21st Century  Architecture

The role of architecture is to create texture and soulfulness. To inspire creativity and improve people's quality of life.Often people find it difficult to verbalise why a space makes them feel a certain way, but great spaces make you feel uplifted and invigorated. Research has given us a better understanding of the impact that the quantity, scale, dimensions and characteristics of space have on our creative thought processes, our well-being and our ability to learn. We know that in hospitals, good natural light helps patients to heal almost 20% faster, and it has a measured impact on student outcomes in schools. 

The characteristics are clean minimal lines, broad roof overhangs, walls of glass and large windows. Open and well-defined floorplans. By using modern and traditional building materials. Passionate relashionship to nature and the environment. Asymmetrical designs. 

Mount Richmore Lifestyle Village

Phase 1 is completed with Phase 2 freestanding homes and  construction commencing shortly. The modern, chic, upmarket and exclusive design and finishing make this a signature development.

Dolphin Ridge Village

Freehold and Sectional Title homes adjacent to Curro Mount Richmore, sea views, a nature reserve, large greenbelts, wetlands and indigenous forests. This secluded hidden gem of a suburb has only 58 freehold plots with only 30 sites remaining from the developer and 4 Sectional Title development sites.

Future Development

Rental Apartments:  Phase 3 and 4 sectional title and freehold properties within the indigenous forest, wetland and green belt areas.

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